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How I got to love Rhodesian Ridgebacks:
A long time ago I met a beautiful elegant tan colored dog with a strange stripe down her back, and I fell in love with her! At that time it was a rare breed in Germany and she was imported from Africa. I wanted one, eventually! It took about 20 years to realize my dream, but then I found my first one, Malika. I met and made friends with her parents, Rafiki (CH Vine Ridge Red Rafiki) and Daisy (Calico Ridge African Daisy), both owned by Billee Casey in Santa Rosa. They were so handsome, outgoing and a real pleasure to be around. I had to wait a year for their second litter, which arrived in 2004. 13 puppies, and all lively, beautiful and healthy. They grew up together with both parents, a rarity. Rafiki was really nice with his puppies, and that says a lot about his wonderful character.
I had Malika picked out for me, since I wanted a puppy with show and breeding potential. She was so quiet on our long drive home back to Oregon! Such a good puppy, smart, easy going, and she learned all her good manners from my older dog, my sweet and well behaved Shepherd Delilah. At the time we lived in south central Oregon, on three pine covered acres, hence the name. A perfect place to raise dogs and horses, go on long walks, or ride my horses on the trails. Malika and Delilah loved to run along.. We showed a little, but it wasn't really our thing. The purpose of my dogs is to be my buddies, my companions, and they are very good at it! So naturally they live in the house, sleep in my bedroom, and go wherever I go whenever possible.
A few years later we moved back to California's Bay Area and lived several years in La Honda under the redwoods. We had nice trails to hike and it wasn't far from the ocean. Rhodis don't usually go in the water, but they sure love to run and play on the beach. We often had a whole pack, since we also take in dogs for boarding. And they all get along!
In 2017 we moved again, to Colfax, a small town in the Sierra Foothills. Now we are back in the pines, on 2.5 acres, which is great for the dogs, and the horses, too. We have new trails to discover, and walk along rivers instead of the ocean.

Puppies and my reasons for breeding
My reason to responsibly breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks is very simple: I love them! I love Ridgeback puppies, even though they are a lot of work, and I want to give others the chance to own the most beautiful, friendly, healthy, emotionally well-adjusted and intelligent dog companion possible!
My goal is to produce long-lived Ridgebacks with sound minds and bodies, and to raise well socialized puppies with the conformation as described in the written standard, so they have the chance to reach their full potential as companion or performance dog.
Puppies are born and raised in my home. Every puppy is handled several times each day, human attention is a vital part of their lives from day one. They get used to all noise and activity in a household, and start spending time outside from the 4th week on. They meet different people, the cats and the horses. We will go on short walks around the property and ride in the car. They get new toys or objects they can play with. They get used to a crate. I will try to include as much mental and physical stimulation as possible, so the puppy's brains, nervous systems and bodies will develop their full potential.

Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback the right dog for you?
Click here and learn more: https://www.ridgebackrescue.org/things_to_know_about_ridgebacks.html

They are fun, and they are work. We enjoyed Leona's litter from February 2020, but it is the last one we'll have. The puppies have been placed in their new homes, and they are doing great. We are keeping one of the beautiful girls, Ashanti. Raising her will keep us busy.

Red Rafiki's Malika

Malika, my first Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Pine Acres Malika's Binti Kima

Malika's daughter Kima

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Pine Acres Kima's Binti Asali

Kima's daughter Asali

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Pine Acres Asali's Binti Leona

Asali's daughter Leona

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Pine Acres Leona's Binti Ashanti

Leona's beautiful daughter has grown into a big beautiful girl. She has excellent confirmation, a gorgeous red wheaten coloring and a wonderful, easygoing temperament.

Puppies 2007

Red Rafiki's Malika had 11 puppies on February 11, 2007! Sire:  Shaka (Bundu Hotshot of Kandu), AKC # HP 15314006, DOB 5/6/2005, bred by Laurey Behrmann, owned by Darwin and Janice Matznick of Kandu Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Central Point, OR. We had 4 boys and 7 girls! All but one had perfect ridges, all with good conformation, and a very nice temperament.

Puppies 2008

Red Rafiki's Malika had 5 puppies on September 9th, 2008. Sire:  Bundu Hotshot of Kandu (Shaka), AKC # HP 15314006, DOB 5/6/2005, bred by Laurey Behrmann, owned by Darwin and Janice Matznick of Kandu Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Central Point, OR. This time 3 boys and 2 girls. All lively, healthy, beautiful and with a very friendly outgoing personality, just like the first litter.

Puppies 2011

Pine Acres Malika's Binti Kima had 13 puppies on July 25th, 2011! Sire:  Calico Ridge Serengeti Sam, AKC # HP 22322804 10-08 OFA25G OFEL25,  bred and owned by Diane Jacobsen, Calico Ridge, Sebastopol, CA. We had 6 boys and 7 girls! All but 2 had nice ridges, everybody is beautiful, healthy, smart, athletic, with good conformation, and a wonderful temperament. We had all colors from light to red wheaten, and a variety in sizes, too. The smallest female is about 70lbs, the biggest male about 120lbs and 32" tall! 

Puppies 2013

Pine Acres Malika's Binti Kima had 12 puppies on September 25th, 2013! Sire:  Calico Ridge Serengeti Sam, AKC # HP 22322804 10-08 OFA25G OFEL25,  bred and owned by Diane Jacobsen, Calico Ridge, Sebastopol, CA. We had another big litter, 12 puppies!  6 with very nice ridges, 6 are ridgeless, but all are beautiful, healthy, lively puppies in a variety of colors. We had 8 males, 3 with nice ridges, and 4 females, 3 with nice ridges. They are just as beautiful, smart, friendly, athletic and outgoing as the last litter.

Puppies 2015

Pine Acres Kima's Binti Asali had 10 Puppies on March 31st, 2015. Sire: CH Crestridge Kengalis Full Throttled Chopper.  Chopper is owned by Diane Jacobsen, Calico Ridge Kennels. He is a nice big boy, well balanced, with lots of bone and substance. We had 4 girls and 6 boys. All are very lively, healthy, beautiful, and have good ridges. Asali has been a very good mother. Now they are doing really well in their new homes, growing into smart, beautiful big dogs with great personalities. 

Puppies 2017

Pine Acres Kima's Binti Asali had 9 puppies on May 13th, 2017 Sire: CH Kandu Roka's Dante, AKC # HP46555802 09-16 Dante is owned by Roy and Kathy Phelps of Roka Ridge, in Rogue River, OR. We had 4 boys and 5 girls, all have perfect ridges, correct conformations as well as super sweet personalities. We got a variety of colors, from wheaten to red wheaten. All beautiful!

Puppies 2020

Leona had 11 puppies on February 21st. We have 6 males and 5 females. All are healthy and lively, with beautiful ridges. The sire is "GCH Firedance's Give 'Em Hell Harry". Truman is a beautiful red wheaten dog with a super nice easygoing temperament. He has passed all health clearances. More pictures of the parents and puppies on gallery page 2.

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